President Trump is a salesman. Buyer beware.


Citizen Journalist   03/22/2017


Trump as a used car salesman trying to sell a lemon called “Ryan Care” to the people who elected him. I am not buying it are you?


President Trump is trying to sell “Ryan Care” to Americans and telling us he supports it 100%.

“Ryan Care” is a lemon of a bill that Americans should NOT BUY!

President Trump tells us over and over every thing is going to be great, better, wonderful, big, huge, good, fine, dandy etc etc.

He is like a used care salesman.

I am NOT going to buy his lemon, “Ryan Care” are you?

I don’t like the fact he has pressured people in congress by telling them if they don’t support his lemon “Ryan Care” he will make sure they are not elected.

I am disappointed with you President Trump for trying to ram “Ryan Care” down my throat.

At first I was expecting and hoping for great, “huge” things out of your administration but now I see things different.

I see a President that is trying to sell the American public a pig in a poke.

The idiom pig in a poke  simply refers to someone buying a low-quality pig in a bag because he or she did not carefully check what was in the bag.

The bag is “Ryan Care”.

What’s so wrong with Ryancare? Levin breaks it down by the numbers


In conclusion, he posed a simple question to the audience about the end result of GOP leadership’s big-government plan:

“What are we doing to future generations – children, grandchildren, and children yet born – with these massive, overwhelming costs, debt, [and] entitlements?


Editor Note    03?22/2017


President Trump and Paul Ryan are trying to sell you “Ryan Care”, a lemon of deal, that if  purchased will mean disaster just as obama care.

Bottom line: Who does President Trump think his kidding? What kind of President would try to pass a bill that is just warmed over obamacare?
I see know that President Trump talks a good talk but has NOT delivered on his pledge to repeal and replace obama care.
Just replacing obama care with obama care light is joke!
I also see now that President Trump can and will compromise on his pledges made during his campaign.
When President Trump said he would make America great again.
Mr President “Ryan Care” will NOT make America great again.
No wonder your poll numbers are way down.
America is NOT buying what you are selling.
People say Trump always wins. Baloney!
You have tied yourself to a loser Mr President.
You need to cut your losses  and make a new deal with the people who put you in office or you won’t make your sales quota Mr President!
Don’t fail your first 100 days in office because you bought the lemon “Ryan Care” and are trying to resell it to the people who elected you.
If you like your “Ryan Care” Mr President you can keep it because I sure don’t want it!!!!!
President Trump has done some good things with his executive orders. They sound good don’t they?
Mr President if you continue to compromise on  pledges made during your campaign it appears more and more like you really are a used care saleman.
We the American people are going to make a deal with you on OUR terms.
The “art of the deal” is this: Make good deals like you said you would. You said over and over and over that you would make really really good deals.
Lets make a really really good deal and junk obamacare.
Give us a great deal and we will make a deal with you.
You can wipe that salesman grin off your face because its not going to work with “Ryan Care”.
President Trump if you continue to compromise on what the people who put you in office expected you to do, your administration will fail.
Your administration will declare “bankruptcy” and go down in history as another failure.
We the American people mean business.
You sir seem to think it just business as usual.