Nation passed its judgment on FLAKE kathy griffin disgusting stunt

Citizen Journalist      06/01/2017


John Podhoretz (New York Post)

In her bubble, Kathy Griffin thought nothing was out of bounds in mocking Trump

FLAKE kathy griffin. Times Square Rolex knockoff of Joan Rivers knew the photograph of her holding the decapitated and bloody head of the president of the United States was edgy and provocative.

Imagine living in a bubble so impermeable it didn’t occur to you that retailing a photograph of a decapitated president’s head would be a horrendous career move — a bubble in which you don’t know anyone who doesn’t think the world would be a better place once Donald Trump had had his head cut off.

That is the world Kathy Griffin lives in.

This Times Square Rolex knockoff of Joan Rivers knew the photograph of her holding the decapitated and bloody head of the president of the United States was edgy and provocative.

That’s why she was excited to pose for it. That’s why she sent it to TMZ. That’s why she initially defended the picture to the journalist Yashar Ali by claiming it was “art.”

But in her heart of hearts, Kathy Griffin is no more a provocateur than Tickle-Me Elmo. Her professional life has been about making fun of people who try and fail to achieve genuinely deserved American celebrity. That’s very nearly the opposite of risky. Making fun of a Kardashian is about as daring as smoking a clove cigarette.

And that’s why it only took her two hours to realize she had done something disastrously self-destructive — and to try to salvage her career by disowning what she had done.

Usually there’s a cycle in these controversies. First, the controversialist responds with obnoxious contempt to those who are shocked. Second, as the number of enraged Tweets begins to rise into the thousands, the contempt turns to anger as the controversialist believes she’s being defamed.

Then, as it becomes clear to the controversialist that she crossed a line she shouldn’t have crossed, she says she is sorry if she offended anybody and deletes the offense from social media.

Griffin didn’t go through these stages. No, in incredibly short order, she posted a video in which she looked even more terrified than the martyred ISIS hostages whose deaths she had just mocked so repulsively. In that video, she issued an apology whose abjectness belied its candor.

She surrendered any pretense to being an “artist” making a statement and basically begged the world not to punish her for her misdeed.

Griffin only knew she had done wrong because of the swiftness with which the nation passed its judgment on her disgusting stunt.



Citiizen Journalist  Note    06/01/2017


Griffin is just another example of crazy liberals who don’t think about what the say or do.

They automatically vent their virtual rage without hesitation or question.

These include the majority of the national and local media and  do anything to get attention celebrities .

People who don’t hesitate and ask themselves why am I repeating what I heard on the news or why do I have an inner rage against President Trump.

Many people who act like wild animals when it comes to President Trump do so in a manner as a wild animal. They rage against President Trump automatically almost with an animal instinct.

These same FLAKES hear the liberal FAKE news and believe it.

They are NO different than a dog barking at a car or truck just because its a car or truck.

A dog barks to defend its territory. It just knows to bark when confronted with a nearby car or truck.

Liberal FLAKES think like a dog and act on instinct alone without considering why they react when stimulated by the liberal news media.

They will continue to “bark” like a dog the whole time President Trump is in office just because they react without thinking just like a dog does.