The Two Most Dangerous Foods

Citizen Journalist    5/30/2017



Dr. Berg discusses 2 dangerous foods – corn and soy.

Corn and soy contain gmo. Gmo is a chemical that allows corn and soy to grow but kill weeds and grass. Monsanto owns the chemical gmo.

Obama passed a law in the middle of the night that protects monsanto from being sued because of the gmo in corn and soy.

You are eating the poison that was sprayed on corn and soy because of gmo. Monsanto knows this and so does obama.

Avoid corn and soy unless it is organic grown corn and soy.

Avoid processed foods also.

Eat kale, brockley and brussels sprouts. These begin to reverse the effects of the poison in soy and corn.

Read all labels and avoid gmo grown foods!!!
Here’s the links to the food guide to avoid GMO foods:……………


Corn and soy grown using gmo is poison.

Monsanto knows this as does obama who passed a bill in the middle of the night to protect monsanto from being sued over gmo.

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