Are there west wing leakers or it just more fake news?


Citizen Journalist    05/28/2017


Fake news is published everyday to deceive you into thinking something is going on in the background.  The “news report”  is only in the imagination of a liberal news media hack.

Another Washington Post anonymously sourced hit job dropped on the Trump White House — this one about Jared Kushner asking the Russian ambassador for a “secret channel.” (Politics. Explained)

Another Washington Post anonymously sourced hit job dropped on the Trump White House — this one about Jared Kushner asking the Russian ambassador for a “secret channel.” It dropped just in time to greet the president upon his return from his first international trip and the very day after Attorney General Jeff Sessions pledged to “put an end to” the rampant leaks coming from within the government. The leaks that produced this story, according to sources, came from inside the West Wing.

The latest claim stems from a supposed meeting that President Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn had on Dec. 1 or 2 with the Russian ambassador, Sergey Kislyak. According to The Post, U.S. officials who reviewed intercepts between Kislyak and Moscow saw that Kushner requested “a secret [communications] channel with Moscow rather than relying on traditional government systems.”

This alleged request by Kushner, the White House aide who conceived of and planned Mr. Trump’s just-concluded, multi-country trip, “adds to a broader pattern of efforts by Trump’s closest advisers to obscure their contacts with Russian counterparts.”

Interestingly, The Post apparently received its tip about this story through an anonymous letter it received in December — whose full contents the newspaper has not revealed. The letter stated, in part, that Kushner raised the issue with Kislyak about setting up the secure communications channel. It also discussed “arranging a meeting between a representative of Trump and a ‘Russian contact’ in a third country whose name was not identified,” the Post story reports.



Citizen Journalist Note   05/28/2017

If a news story contains the words, anonymously sourced hit and it can not be verified the story is probably FAKE news.

The liberal news media also known as talking points for the DNC plant FAKE news stories everyday.

Liberal news media also twist news stories to make President Trump and Republicans look suspicious and guilty because an  anonymously sourced hit has told a news outlet a news story.

These “news stories” are most of the time just in your face FAKE news.

The liberal news media make and FAKE their own news as real news as easy as you breath air.

As soon as a major news outlet publishes a FAKE news story other news outlets parrot the FAKE news story as the real deal.

This is how they try to control the news and how you perceive President Trump and his administration.

Major news outlets cannot be trusted to publish real news.

Major news outlets can be relied on to publish FAKE news.

Just remember there is a war going on for control of how you perceive things.

The election is not over for the democrats who are publishing FAKE news talking points for the DNC everyday.

Rush Limbaugh says the liberal news media tells the democrats what to do and say. I agree.




George Orwell