Legislation is written by the special interest lobbyists, they are donors


Citizen Journalist   05/02/2017


Trump as a used car salesman who again has failed to keep his promise to make America great again. Trump is only keeping the status quo. Why did we vote republican? The 2017 budget bill does not make America great again. Trump got rolled and so did Americans who voted republican!


The 2017 budget bill passed by the senate on friday 04/29/2017 will not make America great again.

Republicans in congress seem to be no different than democrats.

The 2017 budget bill gives the democrats everything they wanted.

The American people elected Trump to drain the swamp etc.

Instead trump has NOT drained the swamp but has decided to keep it as it is.

Rush Limbaugh asks, “Why do we vote republican?”

Charles Krauthammer said “Trump got rolled. The Republicans got rolled. They ended up with nothing.”

Its not just Trump that got rolled, it is also the Americans who voted republican!

Trump keeps making executive orders that sound good and maybe are useful but the bottom line is Trump and congress have only kept the status quo with the 2017 budget.

If Trump kust keeps going along with a congress that only supports special interest lobbyists and NOT the American people he is just a used car salesman who is selling you a pile of junk but telling you it is wonderful, great, better, big etc etc etc.

All a bunch of BULL!


Rush Limbaugh

Why Do We Vote Republican? What Trump Must Do to Avoid More Disastrous Budget Deals

RUSH: Now, I know what many of you are thinking, and it is next up in the Stack right here. Here is the headline. I don’t care where you see it, this is the headline: “Congress Deal Funds Sanctuary Cities, Obamacare, EPA, Planned Parenthood; Does Not Provide Money for the Wall.” Now, if you look at that headline and you happen to believe that it’s true — which it is. I mean, we extended the budget.

There’s not gonna be any shutdown. Republicans are going (sigh), “Thank God! No shutdown.” So we have extended the budget, not for a week, but all the way through September.

In the process, sanctuary cities are continually funded. Obamacare is not repealed nor is it replaced. The White House is saying that they’re very close to having enough votes in the House to actually move forward on Obamacare. But until we see the vote, we will know they don’t have the votes.

They’re not gonna conduct a vote ’til they have them. So Obamacare gets funded. Sanctuary cities get funded. The EPA gets funded through September. Planned Parenthood gets funded. The wall does not. So if you’re asking yourself, “Why am I voting Republican?” you have a good question.

Why is anybody voting Republican, if this is what happens when we win?

We won the House, we won the Senate, we won the White House, and the Democrats thwarted everything we supposedly said we were going to do with our victory. Well, I don’t want to use the word “we,” ’cause I’ve got nothing to do with this. This is another reason why I do not get close to these people.

I do not… I would not relish having to have you call here today and make me justify what all happened here, had I been out there promoting and ballyhooing. That’s why I keep my distance from these people, ’cause I don’t have any control over what they’re gonna do or say, what their policies are going to be.

But I think this illustrates a much larger problem that we are going to have to recognize, and it’s the real reason Donald Trump was elected. It’s the real thing that he has got to do, and he’s got to start doing it. And it is not going to happen if he continues to work with Republicans, because it is obvious, for whatever reasons — and we can get into them — the Republican Party has no intention of defunding Planned Parenthood, no intention of defunding sanctuary cities.

They don’t want to pay for a wall. Who knows what they really want in Obamacare. But then again, is it really the Republicans? I think there’s something much larger going on.

RUSH: There’s no reason to keep electing Republicans if this is what we’re gonna get with this budget deal, which pays — continually pays — for sanctuary cities, funds Obamacare, funds the EPA, gives money to Planned Parenthood and no money for the wall.

If you’re asking, “What am I voting for Republicans for?” you have a legitimate question.

This is one of the reasons Donald Trump was elected. This is the swamp. This is what needs to be drained: The way the budget happens, the way legislation happens, who’s responsible for it.

Where’s Trump on this? For crying out loud, Trump’s elected president! Trump’s got a mandate. This was clearly part of it. Like building the wall, like any number of other things, repealing and place Obamacare was mentioned at every rally, so why doesn’t the president go in there and tell them what-for?

RUSH: Now, I don’t mean to be ragging on Trump there, but my point is this. The legislation making process in Washington, everybody I think is under some misunderstanding about it. Mr. Snerdley, how do you think legislation happens in Washington? I mean, take me from there’s nothing and then there’s a bill.

What happens? Where does it start? (interruption) No, it does not… (interruption) No, I’m not asking spending. I’m talking any bill, any bill whatsoever. Where does it start? Who writes it? Who’s in charge? Say you… (interruption) There you go: The lobbyists, the donors.

This is the problem.

The Republican Party is not a party that writes legislation. The Democrats don’t write legislation anymore. You know where legislation is written? Legislation is written by the quote-unquote “special interests.” You know where they’re located? They’re located on K Street. They’re lobbyists; they are donors. They are the people, and 96% of Washington, D.C., — which is where these people live — voted against Donald Trump.

He got 4% of the vote in D.C. among this group of people. Not the whole population, but among this group of people. Depending on the Republican Party for this is a loser’s game. Trump is going to have to take over the legislation-writing process himself.

That’s why I was asking, “Where’s Trump on this health care?”

Screw the House leadership! Write your own bill and get it passed.

Why Do We Vote Republican? What Trump Must Do to Avoid More Disastrous Budget Deals



Editor Note   05/02/2017

Because Trump has put his approval on the 2017 budget bill it is a SLAP in the face for voters like me who believed Trump when he said he would drain the swamp and make America great again.

It Trump keeps this up he will only be a one term president.

Republicans control congress and Trump is president yet the democrats keep getting all they want as revealed in the 2017 budget bill.

Trump says one thing and does another just like a slick used car salesman.

Trump’s tweets are just to make him look good.

It will take more that one of your tweets that need to be thought out better before you tweet them to make America great again Mr Trump.

I am starting to think you are just a snake oil salesman type of president.

I am disappointed in Trump because I held out some hope he ment what he said but by signing the 2017 budget bill I see Trump is only a bunch of hot air and just a used car saleman in a suit!

We have been “rolled”, robbed,  by Trump and the republicans in congress who voted for the 2017 budget bill!

Trump and republicans in congress have robbed my optimism that America will be made great again.

We have been rolled from the start.