Citizen Journalist (Analysis and comments on the news.)

Citizen Journalist   (Analysis and comments on the news.)

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You don’t need a degree in journalism to be a journalist.

A journalist is a person who collects, writes, or distributes news or other current information. A journalist’s work is called journalism.

I am a journalist by the above definition.

I am a Citizen Journalist who distributes and comments on current news information. I don’t need a degree in journalism to do that. Nobody does.

Accurate analysis based on accurate facts is the key to real news. I am a citizen journalist that analyzes news reports. I try to use accurate facts for your analysis of my analysis of the news. How can you know if your reading fake news or accurate real news?

It all depends on the accuracy of the news source and of course your own personal analysis.

Everyone including the citizen journalist makes mistakes and gets it wrong sometimes.

I try to get it right the first time but the accuracy of my analysis is based #1 on the accuracy of the news source.

I am not trying to do your thinking for you like the state run national media and various corporations do.

As a citizen journalist I am seeking to find the real news. This takes research on my part.

You will never find real news from websites that seek to limit you access to real news.

Case in point is the recent itunes move to remove the app from their itunes store. This is an example of a company trying to limit your ability to get the real news. Google is another example with their algorithms that limit your ability to see valid real news links. They actually display link results that provide FAKE news in the form of liberal media bias.

Twitter is another example of corporations trying to control the news. Recently twitter has revealed it will ban anyone from its platform should they violate any of their rules, including the account of President-elect Donald Trump. Kellogg is withdrawing advertisements from Breitbart in an attempt to limit your ability to read the REAL news. Everyday more and more corporations etc are doing their best to try to control the news as they have in the past.

Amazon is another example, deleting Megan Kelly’s book reviews which were very bad.  (You can’t trust Amazon book reviews if Amazon deletes the bad ones!)

Its not working. ESPN and the NFL are feeling the pain of the American people also because Americans don’t want what they are selling!

(Donald Trump will make America Great Again and the state run national news media and politically correct corporations are going to the woodshed. Some of these pc correct liberal institutions will learn their lesson and some will continue to decline as the American people have had enough of perversion and lies!)

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119:17 Deal bountifully with thy servant, that I may live, and keep thy word.

Thank you Lord Jesus for letting me live another day.

We all see the evidence of God’s creation. How we interpret what we see helps us make sense of this present world. The Bible, the “history book of the universe”, provides a reliable, eye-witness account of the beginning of all things. When properly understood, the “evidence” confirms the biblical account. The universe is “fined tuned” for life, ie designed by a designer, creator, The Lord GOD Almighty.

Tonto, Donald Trump is President now and has started to drain the swamp. Yes Kemo Sabe, “trusty scout”, him like you only survivor of a group. President Trump has a silver bullet Kemo Sabe, the American People. Hi-Yo Silver Away!!